Medications that Prevent Gout Attacks

There are many medicines that can decrease the risk of having gout Attacks. Most people with repeated and severe flares should consider taking these medications. These medications work by reducing the amount of uric acid in the blood.

These medicines include:

  • allopurinol (brand names: Aloprim, Zyloprim)
  • febuxostat (brand name: Uloric)
  • probenecid
  • pegloticase (brand name: Krystexxa), given through a vein (IV).

Before you take one of the medicines to prevent gout, some tests may be needed to make sure you use it safely. The test will help us monitor your uric acid level to make sure it becomes low enough to dissolve the gout crystals.

Beware These medications can actually increase gout attacks when you first start using them:

  • Allopurinol
  • febuxostat
  • probenecid

To prevent these attacks, you can take low doses of colchicine when you start these medications. These medications will put a stop to the attacks over time. If a gout flare occurs, it is important to keep taking your medicines daily.

We often check uric acid levels regularly — to make sure the medication is working well and we have the right dose dialed in. If you need help with gout related pain and attacks click here to reach out to our office.

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